The Instagram Tour

Since the reopening, we are amazed with all the beautiful moments in the museum you share on Instagram. Tens of thousands of photos and videos have already come our way.

We collected the spots in the museum that you, on social media, use over and over again. And turned them into a tour. Follow the instructions and make the perfect video or photo. We look forward to seeing them online! Use #kmska and tag us!

1. The only way is up

De Keyserzaal

De Keyserzaal_@nadiaeijken

2. Ride the dromedary to your destiny

Take the stairs up and go straight into the Rubens Hall. Afterwards visit the other rooms on the second floor and encounter stop 3 to 6.

The 10 ‑ Christophe Coppens


3. Try to kiss the hand

The 10 ‑ Christophe Coppens

Hand Christophe Coppens_@jacomijnwegdam

4. Place yourself in this moving space

Find the projection room.


5. It’s meow or never

Misbehaving ‑ Henriette Ronner‑Knip

De Salon

De Salon_@sarahwitpeerd

6. Think about a colourful zebra

Take the elevator on floor +2 and go to +1. Walk into the "Modern Masters" room there.

2 Conflict Paintings + Colour Method in 7 Layers - Boy & Erik Stappaerts


7. Follow the light

Stairway to heaven

Stairway to heaven_@j0zereal

8. Make a sexy reflexy

Take the stairs all the way up.

Untitled ‑ Anish Kapoor


9. Can you see your halo?

Great Sun ‑ Otto Piene


10. Do a little dance on the stance

Are you done with your museum visit? The last stop is at the top of the iconic steps outside

Trappen buiten_@ruthvansoom