Elise Caluwaerts

Soprano Elise Caluwaerts draws inspiration from KMSKA's collection to put together a breathtaking program of music through which she aims to illuminate the position of women in the arts. We look forward to seeing how her passionate performance and challenging repertoire will resonate in our museum galleries.

  • Internationally renowned opera singer
  • Soprano
  • Penchant for challenging repertoire
  • Examines the position of women in the arts through her music


Women in the Fine Arts

"As Artist In Residence, I want to address, explore and highlight the presence and position of women in the arts. In the collection of the KMSKA, I searched for women's stories, artists and female creators around which I developed a five-part musical yeshiva program that I will bring to the museum galleries this year."

Stories in art & contemporary women creators

"I explore five wonderful stories around the mythical characters of the Madonna, Sheherazade, Ariadne, Cleopatra and composer Alma Mahler. These stories, once set to music by classical composers in cantatas, songs and orchestral works, I bring to life amid works of art. Thus, I want to shed a contemporary light on these stories with contributions from Prisca Nishimwe, Hanne Deneire and Hinda Bluekens, among others, who bring together music and paintings in new compositions especially for this occasion."

A musical guide for the viewer

"Classical music provides guidance and context for the five paintings that inspired me. At the same time comes a counter voice from contemporary female creators. That combination gives story to the artworks and encourages the viewer to observe the works longer."