At KMSKA, accessibility and inclusiveness are a mission. New lifts ensure optimal accessibility to all floors and halls. The KMSKA app shows you the way to those lifts. Many paintings hang lower so wheelchair users suffer less reflection. Tired easily? With a museum chair you can rest wherever you want. So the KMSKA is there for everyone. Read more below.

Practical info

Financial compensation entrance fee

  • Museum pass, Friends of the KMSKA
  • A-ticket holders with chance ticket and UiTPAS with VT status
  • Assisting disabled person and school groups


A-card with discount on first Tuesday of the month

Wheelchair available at the museum

  • Two wheelchairs are available. Speak to a reception staff member to borrow one.


  • Free Wi-Fi is available in the museum. You can connect to the network KMSKA-WIFI.


  • You buy your ticket(s) and book your time slot in advance via the website 
  • It is possible to buy ticket(s) in the entrance hall via a ticket machine on the day of your visit. Here you only pay by credit card. One ticket machine is accessible for wheelchair users

Experience and collection

Museum route and halls

  • Room plan is available at the reception desk

    Rest and seating areas are provided in the museum galleries
  • Museum chairs are available. Please ask a reception staff member


  • Consideration has been given to light, illumination and reflection on text boards and panels

Listening to text material

  • In the museum app, you can listen to the room texts

Sensory experience

  • There are tactile elements in the 'The 10' family course
  • An activity booklet is available at the 'The 10' family course. Ask the reception staff for it

Museum app

  • The text size is customisable
  • The app includes several language preferences: Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Flemish Sign Language, International Sign
  • Not every language contains audio clips

Step-by-step plan

Tourism for Autism drew up a roadmap to prepare for your visit. (in Dutch)




Stairs and lifts

  • All levels are accessible by lift.
  • The de Keyser Hall is not accessible by wheelchair.

Wheelchair-friendly entrance

  • The entrance is on the ground floor. 
  • An automatic door opens on entering
  • Desk staff are present in the various reception areas. They are there to help you.
  • A low-level information desk is available.

Recognisability of building

  • The building and access are clearly identifiable. Follow the additional signs on Leopold De Waelplaats


  • Toilet areas are gender-neutral
  • Toilets are available on levels 0, 1 and 4. There is an accessible toilet on these levels.
  • Each accessible toilet is equipped with two support bars, a washbasin and an emergency bell.

Care table

  • A care table is provided in the accessible toilet room at levels 0, 1 and 4


General accessibility

See how best to get there by car and public transport on the Plan your visit page.

Parking spaces for people with disabilities

There are several disabled parking spaces near the museum. Check them out on this Antwerp city map. Under 'city layers' on the right, click 'Parkeerplaatsen voor personen met een handicap'.


Food and drink

  • The Grand Café and restaurant Madonna is accessible via level 1. Lifts are located a few metres away in the museum building.
  • The bar is accessible via level 0
  • The menu is clearly legible
  • The Grand Café and bar are wheelchair-friendly
  • There are various types of tables

Museum shop & coffee bar

  • The museum shop & coffee bar is located on the first floor and is accessible by lift.
  • Free circulation space between furnishing elements is limited. 
  • You can pay with cash and debit card

Het museumplan

Download the museum plan below