Can I buy a ticket at the museum?

On the day of your visit, you can buy your tickets at the reception desk from a ticket dispenser. This can only be done by payment card. However, it is possible that the tickets for your chosen time slot are already sold out. We therefore advise you to book your ticket online in advance.

Can I cancel my ticket? Will I be refunded?

Tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded. You can rebook your individual ticket as long as it has not been scanned. We are happy to refer you to the support service. Group visits cannot be rebooked.

Can I expect any additional fees on top of the ticket price?

No. Everything is included in the ticket price. There are no additional costs.

How far in advance can I purchase a ticket? You can purchase your museum ticket up to one year in advance.

You can purchase your museum ticket up to one year in advance.

Do I need to book a ticket for the temporary exhibitions?

A standard ticket allows access to both the permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions in the KMSKA.

When will I receive my tickets if I book last minute?

You will receive your tickets in your mailbox five minutes after you placed your order. Don't forget to check your spam folder.

Can I pay with Culture Checks?

Unfortunately, that is not possible.

Can I visit KMSKA with a Riebedebie pass?

No. You can review all the discount cards here.

Group visits

Starting from which number of persons do we constitute a group?

You can already form a group from 1 person. Do you want to book tickets for more than 15 people? Then you are obliged to form a group. You can make a group purchase for up to 100 people. A group purchase allows several people to visit the museum at the same time slot.

No extra discount is given for this purchase. However, visitors in a group can make use of all the applicable reduction rates.

Can I visit the museum for free with a teacher's card?

As part of a school visit, you can. Each school group of maximum 15 students can bring two free chaperones.

Guided tours

How many people is a guided tour for?

A maximum of 18 people can join a guided tour.

Can we still visit the museum after our guided tour?

Absolutely. You are free to further explore the museum following the guided tour.

Can I reschedule my guided tour for a later date?

Once your tour is booked, it is not possible to reschedule it.


Can I enter with my museum pass?

Yes, a museum pass gives access to the KMSKA. Don't forget to reserve a free ticket and desired time slot in advance.

What is a museum pass? Where can I buy one?

The museum pass is the largest museum subscription in Belgium. It grants you access for one year to all participating Belgian museums (over 200). Whenever and as often as you want. You can purchase a museum pass via the ticket button on our website. Afterwards, don't forget to register your Museum Pass for your museum visit.

Practical information

How can I support the museum?

You can support the museum by becoming a member of the Friends of the KMSKA, by donating a work of art, by including the museum as a charity in your will or by making a financial contribution. This is possible both as a private person and as a company. Read more.

Can the museum be used as a photo or video location?

The KMSKA is open to the public every day. This should always be taken into account. Questions for recordings are best addressed to the marketing team via the contact form

Photography and filming is permitted during the KMSKA's opening hours provided no flash or tripod is used. Under no circumstances should visitors be prevented from doing so.

Can I rent a space in the museum for a meeting or party?

Thinking about hosting an event at KMSKA? Ask your question via the contact form. You will then receive concrete information about the spaces, their prices and conditions.

Can a buggy or walking frame be safely stowed during my museum visit? Yes, it can. A buggy or walking frame can be left safely in the reception area.

Yes, it can. A buggy or walking frame can be left safely in the reception area.

I have lost/forgotten a personal item in the museum. What should I do?

If you have forgotten or lost something in the museum, please contact the reception desk. All lost items are collected there.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Not for now. Keep an eye on the website.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed in the museum, except assistance dogs.

Is there free Wi-Fi available?

You can connect to a free WiFi network in the museum. Search for KMSKA-WIFI.


Heeft het KMSKA een privacyverklaring?

Ja, met die privayverklaring ga je akkoord zodra je een KMSKA ticket koopt. Die privacyverklaring kan je hier raadplegen.


Does KMSKA lend wheelchairs for visitors who have difficulty walking?

Two wheelchairs are available. Speak to a receptionist on level 0.


Are there museum chairs available?

Museum chairs are available. Ask a reception staff member about it

Here you will find the answers to questions we regularly receive. Is your question not amongst them? Ask your question via the contact form.