Schilderij De intrige van James Ensor

KMSKA Backstage

Rubens, Van Eyck, Fouquet, Ensor, Magritte and other great names besides. That’s the KMSKA collection. Their art is travelling the world right now or waiting patiently in storage. Because we’re renovating our museum. In the meantime, our curators have been working hard on the new presentation of the collection. Come and take a peek backstage!

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Temporarily closed, fully active

It’s not possible to visit the collection for the time being. In the meantime, we’re working hard on a new museum. Our masters aren’t sitting still either. Visit them near you, or travel with them. All over the world.

Follow the renovation
Portret van kunstenaar Sofie Muller, foto: Anneke d'Hollander

Museum Muse: Sofie Muller

Which works of art from the KMSKA collection inspire artists today? And why?

Schilderij De Wolk van Adrien-Louis Demont

9 paintings featuring clouds

What to do when you have to stay home? You can start looking at clouds? Like many painters did before you.

Schilderij Madonna omringd door serafijnen en cherubijnen van Jean Fouquet

The Madonna meets Mad Meg

The Madonna by Fouquet, the masterpiece of the KMSKA, on view again in Antwerp.


  • 05
    Oct 2019
    The Madonna meets Mad Meg

    Museum Mayer van den Bergh Lange Gasthuisstraat 19 Antwerpen

Zelfportret met blauw schetsboek van Léon Spilliaert, KMSKA

Léon Spilliaert’s international breakthrough

Will 2020 be the year of Léon Spilliaert’s major breakthrough? An interview with Spilliaert expert Anne Adriaens-Pannier.


Six interesting facts about St Barbara

We reveal six little known facts about Saint Barbara of Nicomedia by Jan van Eyck.

Zelfportret Karin Borghouts

Photography with a painter’s eye

Karin Borghouts has been photographing the renovation of the KMSKA since 2011. She also spent two years retracing Vincent van Gogh’s footste

Schilderij De man in de stoel van Henri De Braekeleer

Henri De Braekeleer, modernist painter

The Musée Rops in Namur is presenting a survey of work by Henri De Braekeleer – the forgotten painter of scenes from Old Antwerp.

Schilderij Madonna omringd door serafijnen en cherubijnen van Jean Fouquet

6 things you need to know about Fouquet’s Madonna

Jean Fouquet’s Madonna is the KMSKA’s outstanding masterpiece. Hardly surprising, as it’s an exceptional work. But why is that?

Schilderij Heilige familie met de papegaai van Peter Paul Rubens

Five special Rubens restorations

The restoration workshop has been hard at work. Several exceptional works by Peter Paul Rubens are restored in recent years. An overview.