Ensor - In Your Wildest Dreams

Dive into Ensor's wondrous universe of wild visions, masks, and satire.

The KMSKA concludes the Ensor year this autumn with one of the largest Belgian Ensor exhibitions ever. In 2024, it will be 75 years since we bid farewell to James Ensor, but the world's largest Ensor collection continues the avant-garde artist's legacy in Antwerp. Discover Ensor from surprising perspectives, as an innovator and a game-changer. Because Ensor is so much more than the painter of masks

In an hour and a half, our guide takes you and your company on a journey through Ensor's masterpieces and those of his impressive competitors. Discover how Ensor broke the rules and join us in search of the satire and mocking humor in his body of work.

The Painting Skeleton, James Ensor - Ensorcollection KMSKA
The Fall of the Rebel Angels, James Ensor - Ensorcollection KMSKA

Practical Info & Strict Conditions


  • The Ensor Wildest Dreams Tour is available from 28/09/2024 to 18/01/2025.
  • The guided tour lasts 1.5 hours.
  • Our guides speak Dutch, French, English, or German. Other languages (Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, ...) upon request.
  • Thanks to the audio tour system, everyone can understand the guide perfectly.

Please take into account the conditions below before booking:

  • A guided tour costs €95. Additionally, you pay for a ticket for each participant.
  • A guided tour is recommended for groups of 1 to 15 visitors. 
  • You pay for your order online immediately. This order is final and cannot be changed.
  • Attention: the ticket types you order cannot be changed afterwards. You will not receive a refund for an incorrect booking. Therefore, only book when you are certain about the number of participants and the ticket type for the participants.
  • You will receive 1 overall group ticket for your booking and not separate tickets per person.