Bernard Dewulf †

The sudden death of poet, columnist, journalist and dramatist Bernard Dewulf affects us deeply. As writer in residence, Bernard was a valued columnist for ZAAL Z, our museum magazine. He also wrote verses for the new museum rooms. At the reopening, these will be a tribute to a great word artist.


  • Poet, columnist, essay writer and playwriter
  • Antwerp City Poet in 2012 and 2013
  • Worked for NTGent for several years



Coffee and art

"A beloved writer, the Dutchman K. Schippers, once stated: 'You have to be able to write about art as you would about a cup of coffee.' I believe in that. Just like I believe in the reverse: writing about a cup of coffee as if it were art. In other words: to me, art is as everyday as language. And language is an everyday miracle. To unite the two is what I am working on.”

Creative milestone

"In this context, that would probably be my book Toewijdingen (2014, 560 p.), which gathers most of my reflections, travel and other stories about art and life. I'm also thinking of some drama texts, such as Een lolita (2012) and Carrousel (2017)."

KMSKA as a source of inspiration

"If I can only choose one, it is Nude, an 1885 painting by George Breitner. It is my favourite work in the museum. We see a reclining naked woman, her body brightly lit, yet it seems dark all around. Evening or even night. It is almost as if the body itself emits light. It is this, among other things, that makes it so wonderful.

Weirdest habit

"At night I sing tunes. Against the fear. In my head, of course. From 'Klein, klein kleutertje' over church songs to 'Dancing in the Dark' by Bruce Springsteen."

Favourite date

"Jacques Brel. We meet somewhere on a Brussels terrace and pretend to be old friends - which we are, but he doesn't know that, as I listen to him every so often because, as a kindred spirit, I need him to get through the days and he obviously doesn't listen to me."