Dimitri Leue

Dimitri Leue is a Flemish television, theatre and book creator. He is known for thinking profoundly about art, literature, society, psychosocial themes, the environment, and so on, in order to give shape to these in his own creative way.


  • Television, theatre and book creator
  • Profound and creative thinker
  • Homo ludens who loves language and emotion
  • Does not shy away from social debate


The man

"I dream of telling primordial stories. By staying close to myself, by searching my subconscious, I want to try to be universal. By getting under my skin, I want to get under the skin of others. By turning inwards, I want to express myself. With humour as a lubricant, poetry as vinegar, fantasy as maltodextrin and sincerity as a muscle relaxant."

The plan

"I hope to get the KMSKA to tour Flanders via theatre. In this way, I would like to inspire a new audience to visit the museum. I want to pass on the love for the fine arts through a theatre performance."

The realisation

“A museum is a dream. Images alternate, themes repeat themselves. Desires, sadness, frustrations, love, death... In the silence between the shuffling, you can hear the artist speak. I want to show a confusing parade of images full of beauty, poetry, humour, paint and marble. Framed nocturnal thoughts. A voice of turpentine that dances illusions. The restorer who restores his soul by disappearing into masterpieces. I would love to do one big project to put this dream on stage. And possibly some other smaller projects. Above all, I would like to work with the other Artists in Residence.

Inspiration in melancholy

"Artists who inspire me? I don't really have an idol. I can appreciate a tree wrapped in bandages just as much as a Rubens. A saddle with a handlebar on top confuses me just as much as a Rothko. Within the KMSKA? Alfred Stevens! His work exudes a yearning, as does his Sphinx. A melancholy for better things. I recognise that in our generation, which has everything and yet seems to be lacking something.


"I would love to work with Koen Van Mechelen one day. His LABIOMISTA is a dream world in which I could or would like to live. And if that is not possible: to work with him.


"My biggest creative milestone was my novel. Het Lortchersyndroom. The writing of it has become a work that has taken so much time and so much heart that I can only hope to make a lot of people happy. Touch them. Relax them. Make them think, feel, tremble."

Life motto

"Everything is change. But then again, maybe not anymore."