A dive into history

Discover how art and society are connected

Art and history are inextricably linked. An artist lives in a particular time and society, which influences his work. Economics, religion, politics, science, ... all define what he shows and how he expresses himself.

"A dive into history" starts in the 16th century, Antwerp's Golden Age, when the arts flourished. In an hour and a half, we cross time into the 20th century. What do the works in our collection reveal about social upheavals in the Low Countries?

Diana - Josuë Dupon
Rhythm of Light Waves: Street + Sun + Crowd - Jules Schmalzigaug

Strict conditions

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  • A guided tour costs €95. In addition, you pay a ticket for each participant.
  • A guided tour is recommended for groups of 1 to 15 visitors. Maximum of 18 visitors per guide.
  • Our guides speak Dutch, French, English or German. Other languages (Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic...) on request.
  • The tour lasts 1,5 hours.
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