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The 10 is an adventurous journey of discovery through the museum for children and their families.

Artist and opera director Christophe Coppens devised ten new works that allow you to lose yourself in ten paintings. A fun fact: he worked on this with artists and craftsmen from the studios of La Monnaie opera house in Brussels.

Why are all these strange sculptures in the museum? Christophe Coppens has created ten surprising installations and sculptures, inspired by remarkable details from paintings. They are placed throughout the museum, just amongst the collection. Can you find the corresponding detail in the painting? Let your imagination run wild.

Lose yourself in art

These ten works, sometimes even with sound or movement, will make you think. They invite you to look at art differently and in a more active way. You go exploring, your imagination runs wild and you become completely absorbed in a painting. Each installation is accompanied by a creative assignment. This is how you turn your museum visit into a surprising adventure.

Christophe Coppens and La Monnaie

The ten works are made in very different ways. Instead of working with various executive studios, Christophe Coppens chose to link up with another Belgian institution: La Monnaie in Brussels. Christophe Coppens has already directed three operas there. It became a special collaboration and a real cocreation. 

Practical information

  • For whom? Children aged 6 to 12 and their families
  • Location: throughout the museum. Get your free assignment booklet and colouring pencils at reception.
  • Duration: 1,5 hrs
  • Price: free with museum ticket, reservation not required
Leo Stevens Private Banking wishes you an adventurous & inspiring visit

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