Daylight, indirect light and sophisticated artificial light - everywhere in the museum light plays an important role. Light deepens vistas, plays with reflection or makes stairs spin endlessly. And that is what site photographer Karin Borghouts is able to capture like no other.

Library reading room - Photo : Karin Borghouts
View of a succession of historical exhibition halls - Photo : Karin Borghouts
Geometric spiral staircase - Photo : Karin Borghouts
Blue cabinets for delicate art - Photo : Karin Borghouts

Abundance of light

KAAN Architecten has a deeply rooted respect for the 19th-century concept of architects Jan Jacob Winders and Frans Van Dijck. They went back to basics by completely stripping the now fully built-up patios and building a new museum space inside. The new museum roof consists of 198 skylights that distribute northern light through the four voids on all levels of the new museum. In the historical museum galleries, too, very clear glass in the skylights on the roof ensures optimal lighting.


Top floor of the new museum - Photo: Karin Borghouts
Pivoting wall of 5.5 by 9 metres - Photo: Karin Borghouts
Stairwell at the rear of the building - Photo: Karin Borghouts
Museum shop and coffee bar - Photo: Karin Borghouts
Museum café - Hall d’entrée majestueux
Majestic entrance hall - Photo: Karin Borghouts