Goeyvaerts Trio

String trio with Kris Matthynssens on viola, Fedra Coppens on violin and Pieter Stas on cello. They exclusively play modern and contemporary compositions. Even when inspired by the Flemish Masters.

  • String trio with roots in Sint-Niklaas
  • Takes its name from the composer Karel Goeyvaerts
  • Brings existing 21st century works and own creations
  • Explores the connections between art, science and philosophy



"We want to disconnect each piece from its context. That way we can explore with a fresh mind. To look for the strength of a structure, the sound that can intrigue us. Trying to understand the composer's motivation."


"Research into image and sound is in our genes. So we didn't have to think twice when we were invited to become AIR. Thus we recorded Blues, Reds and other songs, with music by fellow AIR Robin Verheyen and Marc Copland. The inspiration for this was Fouquet's Madonna."


"What sets us apart from animals is that we can create stories and images that try to describe reality. And that reality is ever-changing. Every artist who succeeds in making us look in wonder, inspires us. And each work that contributes to the infinite palette of perceptions and experiences is an enrichment."


"We have often played in Antwerp homes in the close vicinity of KMSKA and hope to be able to do so again soon."


"We want to work with Alexander Knaifel one day. But the   of the KMSKA also beckons. We feel a strong affinity with this international experimental arts network. It bears witness to an unbridled passion for experimentation. Among other things with the eloquence of white. This colour is not dull or restrictive, but deep and layered. The same applies to music, where you sometimes find kaleidoscopic depth in the smallest chord."


"We would also like to contribute to an educational programme. Or, together with all the other Artists in Residence, to put on a big show that would occupy the whole museum. A kind of indoor chambre d'amis."