Group visit without a guide

Strict conditions

Please keep in mind the conditions below before booking:
  • You can only book a group ticket without a guide for up to 100 people at a time.
  • You pay for your order immediately online. This order is final and cannot be changed. 
  • Note: the ticket types you order cannot be changed afterwards either. You will not get a refund for a wrong booking. Book only when you are sure of the number of participants and the ticket type of the participants. 
  • You will receive 1 global group ticket for your booking and no separate tickets per person. 
  • In case of force majeure (such as unexpected death, accident en route,...) you can ask for a refund via e-mail.  
  • With a group ticket without a guide, access to temporary exhibitions cannot be guaranteed. The safety of the artworks is paramount. When it's full, it's full. The museum's permanent collection is, of course, always accessible.


  • Locker Room: groups use the regular lockers in the museum.
  • You will receive one ticket for the entire group. Keep that in mind at the scanning point at the beginning of the visit.
  • Want to start your visit well prepared? Check out our Plan your visit page full of practical tips.