Just a few more weeks and the time will come. With a big party, we will reopen the doors of the KMSKA. What are you most looking forward to when we reopen? Is it standing eye to eye with your favourite work or doing a work out on our many stairs? We give the word to a few people.


Nancy Van De Velde is a member of our test audience The Finest Hundred. For our new series, she was allowed to tell us what she is most looking forward to about the reopening. She was thrilled to find her favourite work. Are you also curious about the work that touched her?


The museum as a fantastic team of heritage guards and reception staff. Sara talks about how it felt to discover the museum for the first time and what she wants to do for future visitors.


The first museum room is our garden. A green place where visitors and local residents will soon be able to enjoy art outside the building. Tom and his dog Marcel have already come to take a look at the garden and its sculptures. What are they looking forward to most?


Han is a Friend of KMSKA and was very curious about our Rik Wouters collection in the new museum. He came to take a look already.


Billie is all set to welcome you as a guide at the museum. What is she looking forward to when she reopens? And why did she want to become a guide?

Vanessa en Evelyna

Vanessa kwam voor de sluiting de laatste keer naar het museum met dochter Evelyna toen Evelyna een kleuter was. Ze kwam met een inmiddels volwassen dochter terug naar het museum voor een eerste bezoek. Hoe ervaren ze dat?