The finest feeling

The return

And then the day is finally here. After all these years of breaking, pouring concrete, removing asbestos, rebuilding and restoring, we can install artworks. The preparation was also a work of years, in which almost all museum teams were involved. We give an insight into this project with the video series 'The return'.

Episode 1

We began this undertaking in the heart of the museum, the Rubens Room. After a ten-year stay in the museum depot, our monumental altarpieces came home again, in "their" room. We follow how the museum team in the - already - iconic room the Salon puzzles out a wall-to-wall presentation, as was common in the 19th century.

We finish in the garden. In this first museum hall we also install art that visitors and residents can enjoy outside.

Watch as we return to our museum, artwork by artwork, lamp by lamp, pedestal by pedestal.