Andrew Claes plays sax with STUFF. The avant-garde collective describes itself as a Ghent jazz-fusion-beat group starring five Power Rangers. They chose the KMSKA work Composition by Guy Vandenbranden as the artwork for their latest album.

  • Five-strong instrumental collective
  • Crossover between hip hop, pop, jazz, future funk beat and electronica
  • Roots in Ghent and Antwerp
  • Want to inspire through positive vibes


Historic grandeur

‘To a born-and-bred Antwerper, the KMSKA is a symbol of our city’s historic grandeur. When I was a kid, the district around the museum was the beating heart of Antwerp. I had my first musical experiences within sight of it. I basically grew up in a rehearsal room in Schildersstraat, my first jazz shows were at Café Hopper and I took my first jazz lessons at the Jazz Studio round the corner.’

Positive soundtrack

‘As AIR, we want to keep the cultural fires burning and prove that the fine arts are very much alive. Music can do that. It has the power to convey feelings and ideas that can’t be put into words and to trigger revolutions. There’s a lot wrong in this world, but there are positive things happening too. Certainly among the new generations. Young people who are fighting for new ideas and ways to make everything a bit more bearable. We try to instil the same attitude in our music. Like a soundtrack to that entire movement. Hopefully, our music can help spread good vibes and inspire other people!’

Artful artwork

‘We chose Composition by Guy Vandenbranden for the artwork for our latest album. We were browsing the museum collection together online and spontaneously started looking for works that would fit our music. All five of us had a response to Composition. It spoke to our imagination.’

Unsung Scheldt

‘I think Scaldis et Antverpia by Abraham Janssens is a wonderful work. The river Scheldt isn’t appreciated anywhere near enough. Human beings consist of almost 60% water. What proportion of that comes from the Scheldt? Here in Antwerp, we are the Scheldt. Or at least we carry it around within us. Or is it the other way around?’

Dream co-creation

‘I’d love to work with Björk one day. To me, she’s the greatest artist of our time. Her music and vision have always appealed to me and have influenced me greatly. How she manages to keep evolving and doing her own thing, often in defiance of commercial interests and popular tastes, is incredibly inspiring.’