Bad van Marie

Bad van Marie offers visual, experiential theatre. Matthias Meersman and Peter Boelens share the group’s artistic direction. The collective likes to make its audience think: about themselves and society. And now it’s immersing itself in our collection.

  • Collective led by Matthias Meersman and Peter Boelens
  • Founded in 2001
  • Draws the public into a fictional reality
  • Performs at unusual locations


Au bain-marie

‘“Bad van Marie” is Dutch for “bain-marie” or water bath, which is how we aim to immerse the audience in a fictional reality. We like to choose unusual locations, from care homes to Tongeren prison. All the elements present at the location become part of the theatre performance. That can be confusing: it makes the audience pay closer attention and look at reality the same way a photographer would.’

Avant la lettre

‘Our performances have a self-reflective and socially critical effect. As Artist in Residence, we’ve been presented with a beautiful location at the new museum. Virtual reality avant la lettre.’

KMSKA as source of inspiration

‘We’re not choosing a work from the collection, but an exploration of the Antwerp artist Guillaume Bijl. We feel a certain affinity with him. We also find Larry Sultan, Renzo Martens, The Yes Men and Jeff Wall inspiring.’

Embarrassing moment

‘Oh, building work that has lasted much longer than planned... But the KMSKA has taught us that you can take your time to achieve something worthwhile. And yes, that means building work too.’

Future collaboration

‘We’ve already worked with car dealers, residents’ committees, families in big houses, bus drivers, and so on. In future, we want to keep looking for the kind of people we think will say “no” when we ask them.’


‘What motivates us? A straightforward plea for less truth. Or for more truths. Long live nuance!’

Dream date

‘I’d love to have dinner with the TV chef Sergio Herman. A great meal guaranteed and I reckon he’d pick up the tab too.’