IKRAAAN describes herself as a clown and a conductor who embodies all the pain, joy, good and bad in people and translates it into music. Her sweet-tempered voice combined with the catchy lyrics touches people's hearts. Hypnotic music about the pain of being fundamentally different.

  • Hypnotic music
  • Makes music out of necessity
  • Sings about the pain of being fundamentally different
  • Carries the heart on the sleeve



“I feel connected to the museum. Just like painting, music can be timeless and precious. An organisation that preserves, protects and exhibits such arts seems very beautiful to me. That is why I was so keen to be an Artist in Residence at the KMSKA. I think it is an enormous honour. ” 

The first time

"I'm going to be honest: I had never heard of the KMSKA before I was asked to become Artist in Residence. More than that, I had never been to a museum in my life. Very strange, I know. It's funny to visit a museum then for the first time that is empty. The moment I walked into that beautiful building is one I will not easily forget. The architecture in itself is so inspiring. As I walked through the museum halls, dozens of ideas immediately shot through my head. Even without paintings, this building is a source of inspiration. I want to make use of the museum spaces and brainstorm what they can mean for my music."

Much noise

"I have no immediate intention of making a big difference to the museum during my residency. Just a lot of noise (hahahaha).”

Go for it

“Go for it: that is my life motto. The trial and error will happen along the way. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so dream as big as you can! And just go for it. That’s how you create your own reality.”


"All the pain, everything that goes wrong in my life, motivates me. I transform pain into strength and energy. It is at my lowest points that I truly realise what I am made of. I am unstoppable."

Blood, sweat and tears

“My debut album. I really put all my energy, blood, sweat and a lot of tears into this. With this album, I want to draw more attention to mental health and how important it is to acknowledge and heal our traumas. I hope that with this music, people will feel less lonely and more understood and loved. It's a story that was mine first and will soon be the world's."