Iris Bouche

Iris Bouche is skilled at bringing together the movement of everyday things to create a fascinating choreography. She also researches how atypical dancers can find their place in the contemporary dance scene. A good example of this is her Isomo Project at the KMSKA.

  • Choreographer, performer and movement coach
  • Studied in Antwerp, Lausanne and New York
  • Was part of the Rosas dance company
  • Artistic collaborator with HETGEVOLG (Stefan Perceval)
  • Investigates the interaction between dance, disability and diversity


Room for imagination

"For me, the KMSKA is a place that gives space to everyone's imagination. A place to enter into new dialogues with others. A place where everyone listens to his or her body with an intimate focus. A place that encourages us to look, feel and sample in a different way. A place that blurs the boundaries between artists and spectators.

On rhythm

"For me as a dancer, there is a lot of movement in everyday things. If you build these up in a certain way, you get a choreography. You can look at a painting in the same way. From an analytical perspective, a painting consists purely of shapes, lines and colours, but it is the way they are brought together that creates emotions, as in a choreography."

On Rhytmus

"The work Rhytmus (1915-1916) by Belgian artist Jules Schmalzigaug was an important source of inspiration for the Isomo Project, which I created as AIR. The abstract composition and the play of movement, lines and rhythm was one of the points of departure of the project. Simultaneously, I also investigated how the visitor will look, move and experience in the renovated museum."

Ideal collaboration

"I have always longed to work with the German choreographer Raimund Hoghe. Unfortunately, he suddenly passed away in May 2021. A great loss for the world of dance. Choreographer Dimitris Papaioannou and film directors Paolo Sorrentino and Ava Duvernay are also high on my list. As are visual artists Berlinde De Bruyckere and Yayoi Kusama.

Cold coffee

"I have a crazy habit of leaving a trail of cups of cold coffee behind me at home ..."