Jef Verheyen. Window on Infinity

23 March 2024 until 18 August 2024

So important to the European art world and yet relatively unknown in Belgium: Flemish artist Jef Verheyen (1932-1984) returns to Antwerp. Forty years after his death, the KMSKA presents the first museum solo exhibition of this illustrious modern master in his hometown. A first.

Jef Verheyen. Window on Infinity closely follows the evolution of this modern master. We see how he moves from ceramic experiments to painting, constantly refining the medium. In light and dark, in form and color. New archive research reveals how Verheyen bridges the gap between tradition and innovation, between present and future. In search of the essence, in the infinite. Everything to make us look differently and see more. Let that be the exact motto of the KMSKA.

Venus Saphira & Le Vide, Jef Verheyen - © Fille Roelants
View expo Jef Verheyen - © Fille Roelants
"The impressionists see light first, then feel. I feel first then I see. "
Jef Verheyen

The exhibition invites dialogue and confrontation with Verheyen's predecessors, contemporaries, and contemporary artists, and offers a deeper look at his uninterrupted quest for the infinite. Rediscover the world of Jef Verheyen and experience how his legacy lives on.

Practical information & tickets

23.03.2024 - 18.08.2024

Jef Verheyen. Window on Infinity is a collaboration of two Antwerp partner museums, KMSKA and M HKA (Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen).  This exhibition is the result of extensive research by M HKA in collaboration with the Jef Verheyen Archive.

Curators: Adriaan Gonnissen (KMSKA) & Annelien De Troij (M HKA)