Joffrey Anane

Joffrey Anane is a dancer, choreographer and actor. He is part of the art collective Osei Bantu and creates his own comedy show and web series Afro Belg. Joffrey also networks with artists all over the world. His mission? To bring people and art together.

  • Dancer, choreographer, actor
  • Let’s Go Urban
  • Underground dance battle scene
  • Hip Hop Freestyle & Housedance
  • Art collective Osei Bantu
  • Comedy show and web series Afro Belg



"I see my residency in the KMSKA as a minor revolution. The KMSKA with its legendary works of art and monuments is one of the temples of our art world. Now it will have a wider range of new artists, each with their own curriculum. The residency will be both a unique experience and a learning process. New art forms, insights and hopefully good vibes with the other artists. To inspire in order to be inspired: it is my life motto!"


"As an artist, I have searched for a long time for structure and stability, in life and artistically. In the last two years, everything came together: one big chaos. It took some searching to find a balance between my new and existing passions. Dancing, choreography, acting, music and fashion. This past summer, I was often 'overthinking' things. Until I realised that many things I dreamed of are now reality. So everything steadily fell into place. I am sure that the KMSKA can be one of those dream places."


"Around 2010, I once visited the entrance hall of the KMSKA with Let's Go Urban. I was still quite young and uninterested in museums. To me, they were something for 'rich and/or artistic people' who were certainly not concerned with my interests. Of course, this image has changed positively over time. It has also often aroused curiosity during walks or 'chillings' with friends on the museum square. Both the architecture of Frans Van Dijk and Jean-Jacques Winders and that of KAAN Architecten are very impressive, inspiring and aesthetic." 


"I think my artistic trajectory will make a difference for the KMSKA. Most museums have art forms with a more classical background. This will give a nice contrast with my influences from hip hop, housedance and breakdance. Afro Belg has also made a big difference to a lot of people. Particularly people of colour. My origins will have an influence on my residency."


"I would love to work with other Artists in Residence like IKRAAAN or Lisbeth Gruwez. They really inspire me and both have a style that appeals a lot to me. I would also like to set up another project with my mentor Yves Ruth. Perhaps in the KMSKA?


"From the age of 7 or 9 months, I was raised in a foster family in Nijlen. In the weekends, I stayed with my biological mother in Antwerp Stuivenberg. When I was nine, she was sent back to Ghana. For 17 years, I did not see her. Until I visited her in 2019 through a project of my Ghanaian friend Adams Mensah. It was the best and most intense journey of my life. My most important accomplishment. Passing on my mum, my past, the two cultures I grew up with, my experiences and foundations to the new generation: it motivates me."