Tutti Fratelli

Reinhilde Decleir (†) founded the social and artistic workshop Tutti Fratelli in 2007. It’s where artists and disadvantaged groups can join forces to create performances. Each one is based on imagination, words and performer. Decleir was the Fratelli’s artistic manager and director. We are honoured to have been able to witness her quest to bring together visual art and theatre. Her vision of cocreation with disadvantaged groups is a great inspiration for the museum.

  • Social and artistic workshop in Antwerp
  • Founded by Reinhilde Decleir in 2007
  • Name means ‘all brothers’
  • Collaboration with artists, volunteers and disadvantaged groups
  • Organizes the annual ‘Mirrors of the Soul’ exhibition


Kindred spirits

‘I think it’s a fascinating project and a fine initiative to involve Artists in Residence in the running of the museum. Visual art is too often the preserve of the museum and performing arts the preserve of the theatre. Breaking down those barriers is interesting: it brings different art forms and artists together. They’re all actually kindred spirits.’

Mad Maiden

‘I’m a big admirer of Rik Wouters. From his paintings to sculptures like The Mad Maiden The colours and lightness of his work are moving and contain a huge element of poetry. Yet he had a tough life and died far too young. He had an inspiring work ethic, though. Always in the mood to work: I can relate to that!’

Dream collaboration

‘I’ve been under the spell of the British actor Vanessa Redgrave all my life. I really admire the choices she made at an early age. She was already looking for alternative, substantive theatre and film work in the 1970s. She’s a woman who knows exactly what she wants and why. And she’s quite simply a great actor.’

Philosophy of life

‘If I don’t think about myself, who else will think of me? If I only think about myself, why do I exist?’