Earlier, we announced that Maurice Verbaet would donate a work of art to the KMSKA. As founder of the "Expertisecentrum voor Belgische naoorlogse moderne kunst", Verbaet was keen to add a sculpture by the renowned Polish-Belgian artist Tapta (Maria Irena Boye) to the museum collection. At the time, we kept it secret which work this would be. Until now.

In the 1960s, Tapta managed to become one of the leading figures who redefined sculpture, with textiles and knotted cords. The artwork Maurice Verbaet donated to the KMSKA, Tapta's Tailler-Ouvrir (1990), shows her predilection for extraordinary and surprising raw materials. Using industrial rubber (neoprene), she created numerous extraordinary works. The interaction between the unusual tactile material and the openings in the sculpture creates a dynamic tension in the museum hall. Tailler-Ouvrir’s monumental dimensions naturally involve the visitor in the artwork. Tapta's aim is to promote discussion between people, which makes the work seamlessly correspond to KMSKA's mission: Connect - Amaze - Enrich. Additionally, we placed the work on the top floor, in gallery Colour (4.3). Against the background of the white walls and floor, this black sculpture is a real eye-catcher. The ever-changing light falling through the skylights adds an extra layer to the different facets of the artwork.

"My motivation for donating this sculpture by Tapta to KMSKA is my unbounded urge to share enriching visibility with others. "
Maurice Verbaet

Maurice Verbaet

Maurice Verbaet believes that museums, and the KMSKA in particular, are places to display art and preserve it for future generations. In other words, this artwork suits best in our museum. Moreover, Tapta's sculpture is an important addition to our list of female artists, which we would like to see expanded. Female masters who delve into sculpture are rare, in our collection you will find only five sculptures by as many female sculptors. This is a one more reason why we are delighted to add this artist to our collection. Furthermore, abstract art has a limited presence in our collection, which underlines the importance of this donation.

Tapta is one of those artists who are somewhat forgotten despite their international reputation. Many exhibitions have already shown her work, and you can find her artworks in foreign museums such as the Musée d'Art Moderne and Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Consequently, the KMSKA and Maurice Verbaet are eager to collaborate to give the renewed attention to the artist a lasting character. Tapta, as the leading artist she is, definitely deserves her place among the masterpieces in our museum.