Up for the Challenge

You’ve got some previous experience and are looking to expand your drawing horizons!

Take some drawing materials and search for those galleries that inspire you most. We hope that the following activities will manage to stimulate and challenge you… Have fun!

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Step 1- Contour drawing

Have a look at the artworks and pick some intriguing details. Draw these with one single line, without lifting your pencil.

Contouurtekening KMSKA Tekent!

Do it again but avoid looking at your sheet of paper while you’re drawing. Let your eyes follow the contours of the object you’re drawing. Meanwhile, let your pencil follow suit.

Step 2 – Creating depth

Add some volume to the details you’ve just drawn in step 2.

Use the side of your pencil tip to make soft, even shadows. Or create shadow by means of hatching, cross-hatching or applying lots of little dots. The closer these dots or lines are to one another, the darker the shade will be.

Diepte creëren KMSKA Tekent!

Step 3 - New stories

Pick an animal, a human being, and an object from three different artworks. What new story can you tell by bringing these three elements together in a single drawing?

Nieuwe verhalen KMSKA Tekent!

Some advice: Aside from the artworks, you might draw inspiration from the museum spaces themselves! A gallery attendant or a bench might also find their way into your drawing…

Step 4 - Like an old master

From the Renaissance onwards, art students were encouraged to copy sculptures dating back to Classical Antiquity. The Hercules Farnese is a typical example of what was considered great art.

Hercules Farnese KMSKA TEKENT

Imagine yourself a budding old master and copy the plaster cast of the famous sculpture. You’ll find it in Studio Hercules.

Mission accomplished

Keep on challenging yourself by giving the other drawing adventures a go.

Share your photos on social media using the hashtag #KMSKADraws!

Who knows, your drawing might soon shine in our virtual gallery!

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