Creative type

Discover the museum’s galleries and artworks with these drawing activities. You’re most welcome to think – and draw – outside the box!

You are one for creative experiments and thinking – or drawing – outside the box. Explore the galleries and discover the artworks while completing these drawing activities.

Karel Appel Vliegende Man KMSKA Tekent

Step 1 - A thousand ways

Hold your pencil in a different way than you are used to. Select a person or animal from an artwork and draw them with your non dominant hand. Or with another limb, such as your foot.

Charles Félu KMSKA Tekent

The artist Charles Félu used his feet to copy hundreds of paintings from the museum collection. Here you can see him working at an impressive reproduction of The Holy Family with the Parrot by Rubens.

Step 2 - Lines with character

Take hold of your pencil again in the way you like best. But hold onto that lack of control that you may have experienced in the previous activity. Perhaps your lines were more fanciful than normal? Now draw:

  • An angry line
  • A dreamy line
  • A roaring line
  • An insecure line
  • A giggling line

Karaktervolle Lijnen KMSKA Tekent

Choose a person you can see in the gallery you find yourself in. Now try and draw their face with a line that suits them. For instance, are they quietly looking at an artwork, their face rapt with admiration? Or do they look rather bored? How can you express that emotion through the line you draw them with?

Step 3 - The title says it all?

Enter a gallery you haven’t been in yet. Keep your eyes glued to the floor, as much as you safely can. Pick out a title without looking at the accompanying artwork. What would you expect on this artwork? Draw it!

De titel zegt alles KMSKA Tekent

Don’t just think about what you draw, but also how. What kind of lines, shapes, details suit this title? When you’re finished, go have a look at the original artwork to compare. What similarities or differences do you spot? In which gallery would you display your drawing?

Mission accomplished

So, did you get your creative juices flowing?

If you are up for more, go and have a look at one of the other drawing adventures.

Share your photos on social media using the hashtag #KMSKADraws!

Who knows, your drawing might soon shine in our virtual gallery!

Karel Appel Vliegende Man KMSKA Tekent