To the museum on Thursday evening? A delightful new tradition.

Wander through the galleries of the KMSKA in the evening and enjoy its finest collection. On Thursday evenings, the KMSKA will be keeping its doors open after hours for anyone with a museum ticket. The KMSKA thus initiates a new tradition and encourages you to cast your finest gaze.

A special evening

The museum is about more than just looking. It is also a creative venue where artists work and meet. With the Finest Evenings, we hope to provide you with an intense and fine experience. Our Artists in Residence are inspired by the beautiful building, the unique collection and the fascinating stories of the KMSKA. Once a month, visitors are surprised by unexpected contemporary interpretations in words, music, images, performances and more. 

And there's more...

The pop-up Madonna Cocktail Bar provides the tastiest drinks in the unique setting of the monumental De Keyser Hall at KMSKA Late. No museum ticket is required for the cocktail bar. Everyone welcome!

You can also count on regulars at KMSKA Late:

Practical information

  • For whom? For everyone with a ticket on Thursday evening.
  • When? Every Thursday evening from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m.
  • Location: throughout the museum. Check the calendar online or on the screens in the museum.
  • Price: free with museum ticket, reservation not required, fully booked is full up!